Flying Chops
Flying Chops
Coming Soon. March 2013! take a look to information of Flying Chops!
Help Bugongo to save his Egg!
The Free Browser Game about riddles. Available only in Italian
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Flapping Online iOS/Android!

Have you always wanted a Flappy Bird Online?
Here it is: Flapping Online!

Get it on Google Play

Let your...

8bit Rebellion Ludum Dare #28

Between the 13th and 16th of December I've joined a competition called Ludum Dare #28 where hundreds of developer tries to make a game in 48 (or 72) hours from scratch with a common theme!
The theme of this edition was You only get one.
I've entered the Jam (72 hours) with 8bit Rebellion (Click here to play) and here you can see the final ranking of it among 800 partecipants:

Final ranking of 8bit Rebellion
Position | Category | Vote (5 max)
#95 Overall(Jam) 3.54

Play Flying Chops!

Finally I managed to release my brand new flash game, Flying Chops! :D
You could play it on this site (Click here), or over two major flash game portals, Kongregate and Newgrounds!

I hope that you like it! :)


Two new videogames!

I've finally put two more games under the Videogames section:
- Dragons Outcast Attack: An endless runner game made in collaboration with Cartoon Network and DreamWorks for the launch of the new spinoff series based on the popular film "Dragons" by DreamWorks.
- Teen Titans Go! Grab that Grub: A platformer game made in collaboration with Cartoon Network based on the series "Teen Titans Go!".

Hope you like them! :)
In the next few days I'll post something about my upcoming videogames...
Yes, you've read right, videogameS...
I've been quite productive in the past...

Flying Chops available on FGL!

Finally Flying Chops is available on FGL!
You can play it here (click me) but you must have an FGL account because the game is seeking a sponsor!
You can also view the brand new Trailer that I've made in the Flying Chops page.

I hope that you like it! :)

A New Game with Cartoon Network

Hello everyone and sorry for the long absence.
I have several news, first of all about a new upcoming game that I've created in collaboration with Cartoon Network. This flash game will be released in the next few months concurrently with the launch of the new animated series Teen Titans Go!
Mechanics will be the same as my first videogame called Bugongo, although here player will play as Cyclops and Silkie (a little pinky grub) in a "carefree" and "relaxing" stroll along 20 levels.
I'm very proud and happy to have worked with this big American company, and I hope to work with them again in the...

More info about Flying Chops

Finally, I come back with more news about Flying Chops!
As you can read now it has a final name and the project is in an advanced stage of development (90%).
I prepared a page with some new pictures of the game:
At the moment I've been missing to insert and draw hats, glasses and wings for the shop! I hope you like screenshots!
See you soon hopefully with the final version of the game! :)

Flying Pigs Screenshot

After the release of Bugongo, that has exceeded the million players, I've started a brand new game.
In fact from November 5th I decided to create a game in a month, working on it full time.
The project is a classic casual game in the wake of the beautiful jetpack joyride, full of power-ups, enemies and above all Flying Pigs. Yeah!

In this picture you can see the new 90x60 whiteboard that I bought... As you can see there are few sketches of the new game:

At this time I drew the main character, designed and prototyped some traps and planned work for this month. I leave you with a early...

Play Bugongo!

Finally Bugongo has found a sponsor, and now is fully playable on major flash game sites!
You can play it on this site (click me) or on Kongregate and Newgrounds.

Enjoy! :)


Mainlooper, a new game?

While the auction on FGL continues for Bugongo, I threw myself into a new small project for flash.
Probably will be called Mainlooper and will speak about a Computer Scientist who, swallowed up by one of its programs, will try to escape from his computer.
At the time I've only created a prototype and decided the graphic style of the game.
Initially I was willing to use a vector stylized characters, then I opted for a minimalist pixel graphics!
Below you can see the main character before and after the change:


Yay! Samsung Galaxy Note

So my 25th birthday is gone... But thanks to my quarter of century I received a wonderfull brand new smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Note.
Now I can finally develop my first app for the Android Market! :)
I'm so glad and excited, it's awesome, with the big screen (5,3 inches) it's impressive.
I've already in my head many projects for this device, I can't wait to make something on this phone! :D

Bugongo is Coming!

Yay, my first flash game is going to be released!
Bugongo is a classic platform game, where the player plays as a little green dragon who tries to chase and defend his egg from the dangerous green hills of his world!
Main feature of the game is that the player will not control only Bugongo but even the egg, that will roll without stopping through the various levels!
Now the game is under judgement and playable through FlashGameLicense (You can play it if you have an account) because I'm trying to get sponsored!
When the bidding process will end Bugongo will be...
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